What to Look for in a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

April 12, 2011 - 4 minutes read

You enter the nursing home facility that has been caring for your mother for several years now and you’re greeted by the friendly staff.  They boast on how well your mom has been doing and how they enjoy being around her.  Pleased to hear about her health, you walk to her room to enjoy a peaceful afternoon reminiscing and updating her on the grandchildren.  You knock lightly at the door and enter with a smile, ready to embrace her.

However, she’s lying in bed looking absent-mindedly out the window.  She hardly notices that you entered the room.  You walk to her side and lightly touch her hand but she jerks it away and looks at you in fear.  The pain in her eyes is unmistakable as she cradles her arm.  Questions swirl about you as you start to call for a nurse but your mother sharply cuts you off as tears roll down her face.  You are horrified to see this scared, frail person replace the strong woman you’ve known all of your life.

Just the thought of finding yourself and your family in this situation can be upsetting.  However, thousands of families are affected by cases like the one described above.   It’s disheartening to believe that people would take advantage physically, mentally, and even financially of our loved ones but it does happen.  If you think there are suspicious activities happening in the assisted living facility of your loved one, investigate and contact a nursing home abuse lawyer.  An expert nursing home abuse lawyer will assist you in resolving legal issues surrounding the mistreatment of your loved one.

Once you’ve gathered the appropriate evidence, you’ll need to find a knowledgeable nursing home abuse lawyer.  This individual will have demonstrated skill in gaining verdicts in and out the court.  Many attorneys chose to settle delicate cases quickly to prevent prolonged emotional damage. The right nursing home abuse lawyer will discuss all of your options and be willing to pursue the best course of action.

Communication is a vital part of the resolving legal cases. Your attorney should not only know the laws surrounding your case but also be able to convey them clearly to you and other parties involved.  It can be difficult to grasp the legal jargon, but a seasoned lawyer will have an educated approach to connecting you with the details of the case.  This includes regular updates and open lines of communication throughout the duration of your contract.

While you focus on making arrangements for your elderly loved one, the last thing you want to do is keep up with the lawyer handling your nursing home abuse case.  It is their responsibility to remain consistent and focused on your cause.  If you are unsure of their commitment, seek out referrals on their prior cases.  A committed attorney will make sure your claim is processed to the fullest extent of the law.

Protecting and providing a healthy life for your loved ones is a priority and the elderly are no exception.  If you suspect any abuse against a senior citizen at a care facility, do not hesitate to contact a nursing home abuse lawyer.  Help their voice be heard against elder abuse in the court of law.