Children and Asbestos Exposure

April 26, 2011 - 3 minutes read

You and your spouse are considering moving to an older neighborhood to nurture your family in a more community focused environment.  You have three young children and you’re excited to have them experience an upbringing similar to your own.  However, this new atmosphere may contain hidden dangers for your children in the form of asbestos exposure.

Parents often enjoy showing their children the same environments that contributed to their growth.  The pursuit of a life lesson, however, can put your child at risk of developing a future debilitating health problem.  It’s important that you take notice of the living conditions beyond the surface if you’re planning a move into an established area.

Before moving into an older home, have a certified home inspector do a thorough investigation of your property.  If asbestos materials are detected, contact a removal company.  Make sure you inform them of the house’s condition and your expected move in date.  They will be able to give you an accurate estimate of the cost and time necessary to make the home safe.

Children and asbestos exposure can also happen at schools.  A school is usually one of the safest places for a child but overtime, schools can deteriorate if not maintained properly.  Ask to take a tour of schools and daycare facilities in your area.  This is also an opportunity for you to ask the principal or guidance counselor about the most recent renovations.  If they are unable to provide answers, contact the superintendent’s office for a building operations director.  Several school districts have recently revealed a lack of reporting and disposal of asbestos in their schools.   Parents should be wary of these dangers and hold school districts responsible for their child’s health.

Children intentionally and accidentally will come into contact with harmful substances and materials.  As a parent, your role is to make sure these encounters don’t have long term effects.  Many kids consume dirt and water naturally through every day activities.  You can limit their exposure by keeping their hands clean and make sure they drink filtered water until you verify that your yard and water supply are asbestos free.

Several current cases of mesothelioma began when adults were children and asbestos exposure was not monitored or noticed.  The goal is to making sure they never develop at all.  The special moments you share with your children cannot be replaced.  Take these extra precautions when moving into older homes and neighborhoods to preserve your ability to make new memories.  If you have concerns about possible asbestos exposure as a child, contact the trusted attorneys at Johnson Law Group to assess your claim.